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Scrolls Battlefield

Your goal is to destroy 3 out of your opponents 5 idols at the back of his game board. Each idol usually contains 10 HP. This represents the health of the player. Your summoned units will help you with their vicious attacks. Some of them attack every round, whereas some take 2 or even 3 rounds to charge up an attack. Make sure you defend them because your opponents will do their best to ruin your plans of attack.[1]

There are 15 hexagonal tiles on each side, with a line in between to symbolize the difference between the two sides. The way you place your Scrolls is very crucial to the gameplay, as the units all attack in one straight line, although they can be moved if needed.

Keep in mind that once all 15 hex tiles are filled, enchantments and spells can still be used.

Attack Order[ | ]

Main article: Attack priority

The attack order of the Scrolls is determined by the position of the Scrolls - from top to bottom; front to back. They will attack once the countdown reaches zero. This also means that the scrolls at the top front will attack first, while the Scrolls at the bottom back will attack last.

Terrain[ | ]

The terrain is the area in which the game is played. It varies, but it is still unclear whether the terrain will affect the gameplay.

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