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Rarity Common
Cost 1 Order
[data page] [edit]

Description[ | ]

Callback is Common Spell scroll which can be played for 1 Order resource.

Effects[ | ]

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Appearance[ | ]

Callback (art)
Scroll art

Flavor text[ | ]

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Deck use[ | ]

History[ | ]

Version Date Description Before After
0.68 alpha July 5, 2012 Callback was featured in the first alpha version. -
0.87 alpha May 16, 2013 Its effect was rephrased. Unsummon target unit you control back to your hand. Target unit you control is returned to your hand.
0.94.2 beta June 18, 2013 Its flavor text was rephrased. Everybody deserves a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance.