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Champion Ring
Champion Ring
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Rarity Common
Cost 2 Growth
[data page] [edit]

Description[ | ]

Champion Ring is Common Enchantment scroll which can be played for 2 Growth resources.

Effects[ | ]

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Appearance[ | ]

Champion Ring (art)
Scroll art

Flavor text[ | ]

Hard to earn, even harder to carry.

Deck use[ | ]

History[ | ]

Version Date Description Before After
- June 24, 2012 Champion Ring was seen in a pre-alpha gameplay video. -
0.68 alpha July 5, 2012 Champion Ring was featured in the first alpha version. -
- Unknown Its art was changed. File:Champion Ring (art, 0.68).png Champion Ring (art)
0.94.2 beta June 18, 2013 Its flavor text was changed. Only when you get the ring do you realize that it's even harder to wear it than to earn it. Hard to earn, even harder to carry.