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Creatures, spells, enchantments, structures, siege weapons and much more are at your disposal. But it takes more than just randomly inserted scrolls to make your deck a successful one. Take your time in the Deck Builder and optimize your deck to fit your strategy. After all, a good deck is half the battle, is it not?

Obtaining Scrolls[ | ]

As a young apprentice, you have managed to gather just enough scrolls to venture out into battle, the rest will need to be earned. As you explore the world and win your battles, you will earn gold. Gold which in turn can be used to obtain new scrolls or gear.[1]

Deck Builder[ | ]

The Deck Builder is the function in game that allows the users to build decks, and use them in battle. The new deck builder allows the player to sort Scrolls more easily.

You can have multiple decks at once, and choose which one you want to play.

Deck Building: Rules and Limitations[ | ]

There are a couple of restrictions to deck building:

  • The deck must have a minimum of 50 scrolls at all times.[2]
  • Only up to 3 copies of any given scrolls may be in the same deck.
  • You can use the same copy of a scroll to build multiple decks simultaneously.[3]
  • As long as you have at least one scroll of a specific faction in your deck; while playing, scrolls from any faction can be sacrificed to obtain that resource type. This means you can have a deck with 49 Growth scrolls and 1 Energy scroll, and are able to sacrifice any of these scrolls to obtain either of those resources.[4]

References[ | ]