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Jakob Porsér

Real name Jakob Porsér
Also known as JahKob
Date of birth February 13, 1978[1][2]
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Game developer, Mojang AB
Known for Lead programmer and designer on Scrolls, co-founder of Mojang
Scrolls name JahKob
Scrolls rating 1168[3]
Twitter name @JahKob

Jakob "JahKob" Porsér is the co-founder of Mojang and one of Mojang's Game Developers. He is currently working as the lead designer for Scrolls.

Scroll avatar[ | ]

Jakob - Mojang avatar
Cost 3 Order
Attack 2
Countdown 1
Health 4

"Jakob Porser, the valiant leader and designer behind this enterprise, can often be found relaxing in his self-made sauna. "Get out, ye dogs!" he'll shout as we try to sneak shots with our mobile phones."

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