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Jon Kågström

Real name Jon Kågström
Also known as Jonkagstrom, Jon
Date of birth May 24, 1977
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Game developer, Mojang AB
Known for AI developer in Minecraft
Scrolls name jon
Scrolls rating 1277[1]
Twitter name @jonkagstrom

Jon "Jonkagstrom" Kågström is the AI Programmer for Minecraft. Currently, he is working on Scrolls, although he will return to work on Minecraft at an unknown later date.

Scroll avatar[ | ]

Jon - Mojang avatar
Cost 3 Growth
Attack 2
Countdown 1
Health 4

"Jon Kågström, master of robots and crafter of the automaton mind, also has a nack for the ancient Icelanding wrestling form know as glima. He will happily challenge any foe who may cross his path.

References[ | ]

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