Caller's Bane Wiki

Preconstructed decks are fully playable decks that can be purchased from the store. They are supposed to give new players a quick start into the game.

Preconstructed decks can be bought only once. However, their scrolls can still be sold or traded.

List of preconstructed decks[ | ]

There are currently ten preconstructed decks which can be bought either for gold or shards.

Deck Image Gold price Shards price
Rise of Urhald Rise of Urhald 8,000 650
Reaver's Revenge Reaver's Revenge 8,000 650
Touch of Nuru Touch of Nuru 8,000 650
Envoy of the Empire Envoy of the Empire 8,000 650
Tiny Feet Tiny Feet 8,000 650
Machine Doom Machine Doom 8,000 650
Decay Preconstructed Decay Preconstructed 6,500 500
Order Preconstructed Order Preconstructed 6,500 500
Energy Preconstructed Energy Preconstructed 6,500 500
Growth Preconstructed Growth Preconstructed 6,500 500

Starting deck[ | ]

Each player starts with one of the four following decks of their choice.

Players can't buy again their starting deck from the store. Additionally, scrolls in the starting deck cannot be sold nor traded. This makes sure nobody gets stuck because they got rid of too many scrolls.

History[ | ]

In the beginning of the alpha version of Scrolls, Growth Preconstructed was the only default deck provided to new players.

Energy and Order Preconstructed decks were later introduced into the game, as part of the 0.70 alpha version. At that time, players started with all 3 preconstructed decks, giving them enough scrolls to start playing with any faction, but since 0.88 alpha, players have to choose only one deck to start with.

The Decay Preconstructed deck was released at the same time as Decay was, i.e. in 0.105 beta. Mojang decided in the first place not to add this deck to the set of starting decks. However it was later made possible to choose it, thus increasing the number of starting decks to 4.

Two mixed decks, Tiny Feet and Machine Doom, were introduced in the 0.110 beta version in order to encourage multi-resource decks. The four other decks (Envoy of the Empire, Reaver's Revenge, Rise of Urhald, and Touch of Nuru) were added in the 0.117 beta version to feature the new champions of each resource.