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Puppet Soldier
Puppet Soldier
Type Structure Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Rarity Uncommon
Cost 3 Decay
Attack 0
Health 3
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Description[ | ]

Puppet Soldier is Uncommon Structure scroll which can be summoned for 3 Decay resources. Its subtypes are Error: Undefined index. It has 0 attack points and 3 health points.

Abilities[ | ]

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Appearance[ | ]

Puppet Soldier (art)
Scroll art

Flavor text[ | ]

The soldier is false. The fear is not.

History[ | ]

Version Date Description Before After
0.105 beta August 26, 2013 Puppet Soldier was added to the game. -
0.110 beta October 21, 2013 Its abilities were changed. When Puppet Soldier dies, all units on the same row are killed. When Puppet Soldier is destroyed by damage, all units on the same row are destroyed.