Caller's Bane Wiki

Resources are what enable you to play scrolls.

Each and every scroll is labeled with a specific resource number which you are required to pay in order to play that scroll, then, this number is deducted from your resource pool. There are two ways to gain resources:

  • By sacrificing a scroll at any point during your turn, which grants one resource of your choosing to your resource pool. This can only be done once per turn, and doing so means you won't be able to sacrifice a scroll to draw two more instead.
  • You can gain resources via description effects of other scrolls. The restrictions to this are defined in each scroll individually. An example of this would be Nutrition.

Resource types[ | ]

There are 4 types of resources:

Each scroll requires a certain amount of resources from a specific type for you to play that scroll. That's to say, you cannot pay the cost of Growth scrolls with the Energy resource.

A new pseudo-resource type has been added to the Testing Grounds mode:

No scroll include it in its cost, but Wild resources can be used to pay costs of any other resource type. It is available only in multi-resource decks and it can only be sacrificed for under certain conditions.

Limitations[ | ]

There isn't a limit on which factions you have in the same deck. Single faction decks, as well as decks that use two or more of the four resources to varying degrees, are all possible. Refer to Deck building for more information on the matter.

Resource pools[ | ]

There are two counters you will have to manage: your current number of resources and your total resources. They represent the current state of your resource pool. The total resources number is the maximum amount of resources you can spend each turn. The current number of resources is the amount of resources you have left for that turn. Moreover, each resource type has its own separate pool (when playing multi-resource decks).

At the beginning of each turn, resource pools are replenished completely which means your current number of resources becomes the total resources number. That maximum number of resources can be increased by sacrificing a scroll once per turn, and by card effects (even if a resource was already gained by sacrificing a scroll). The current number of resources is reduced every time you play a scroll, by the cost of said scroll.

In-game scrolls will refer to these pools by calling them by their resource name, for example "Growth" or "Order", or they will just call it "resources" when not referring to a specific resource type (e.g. Nutrition). Generally speaking, when a scroll uses the plain resource name, it refers to the total number of resources. When meaning the current amount of resources, it will specify it.

As a consequence, when a scroll such as Powerbound states that it increases "Order" by one, it means it only increases the total amount of resources, not the current number of resources. It will only be possible to spend the new resource starting the next turn (when the current amount of resources becomes the now increased total number of resources).