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The Scroll is, as the title of the game implies, an important aspect of the game. Collect magical scrolls to create a Deck. This deck then can be used to battle the opponents.
A scroll contains all information about its power, read more about the different kinds of scrolls and different attributes the scrolls have.

Anatomy of a Scroll

Types[ | ]

There are 4 types of scrolls:

Creature scrolls[ | ]

These scrolls summon creatures that are able to attack your opponent's defenses and idols.
List of creature scrolls

Enchantment scrolls[ | ]

You can use these scrolls to enchant your own units, but also your opponent's units. Enchantments have either a positive or a negative effect on the enchanted unit.
List of enchantment scrolls

Spell scrolls[ | ]

While enchantments affect the game passively, you can use spell scrolls to directly change what is happening on the board. They can cause a variety of effects, including damaging and healing units, unsummoning units, raise and decrease attack/countdown/defense values, etc.
List of spell scrolls

Structure scrolls[ | ]

These scrolls summon units that can't move but that can help you defend your idols with their defense points or sometimes attack your opponent by throwing projectiles.
List of structure scrolls

Resource[ | ]

Scrolls are divided into 4 types of resources:

Energy Growth Order Decay
Energy Growth Order Decay

You need a certain amount of resources to summon a certain scroll, to get these resources you have to sacrifice other scrolls that have the same type of resource.

Cost[ | ]

The type of resource and the amount needed of that resource are depicted on the scroll using one of the three icons above and a number next to it.

Attack/Countdown/Health[ | ]

Creature and structure scrolls have an attack, a countdown and a health value:

  • The attack value indicates the amount of damage the unit will inflict upon the targeted enemy.
  • The countdown value indicates how many turns there are left until the unit attacks.
  • The health value counts as hitpoints, the value can be lowered by an attack or a spell, when it reaches zero the unit is destroyed.

Abilities[ | ]

Most scrolls have abilities that can do a lot of different things. They can be found on the description section of the scroll.

Talents[ | ]

Main article: Talent

Talents, also called traits, are a specific type of abilities. Just as any ability, a talent alters or adds to the behavior of the scroll it's on. However, because its mechanics is very common, a talent isn't described with full sentences but is only represented by keywords.

Flavor Text[ | ]

Some scrolls contain "flavor text" eg a quote or a descriptive line about the scroll. It is displayed in italic near the bottom of the scroll.