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Players are able to trade with one another through the chat interface. Click on somebody's name and select Trade to send a Trade Request to that player. You are then able to exchange gold and any of the scrolls you have acquired (except for those scrolls you receive as part of your first preconstructed deck). You can look through the other player's scrolls collections and chat privately to one another.

Once you are happy with the trade, you can click Accept to confirm that you are happy. Once both players have accepted, the trade will take place. You have to leave the private chatroom yourself. You can click Cancel Trade at any time to cancel the trade between the two of you. You will have to exit and re-establish a trade to be able to trade again.

Due to fact that 3 of each appear in Preconstucted Decks, all of the following scrolls are therefore worthless for trading:

Trade Bots[ | ]

There are several automated trade bots, initially programmed by redefiance. Go to one of the chat rooms listed below and type !trade to initiate trading.

Chatroom Name of the bot
clockwork ClockworkAgent
thinktrade TheThinkTank
strategic trading StrategicBot

Achievements[ | ]

There is currently one achievement connected with trading.

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Welcome achievement Handshake Perform a successful trade with another player 100

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