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Viscera Sage
Viscera Sage
Type Creature Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Rarity Uncommon
Cost 2 Decay
Attack 2
Countdown 2
Health 2
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Description[ | ]

Viscera Sage is Uncommon Creature scroll which can be summoned for 2 Decay resources. Its subtypes are Error: Undefined index. It has 2 attack points, 2 health points and an original countdown of 2.

Abilities[ | ]

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Appearance[ | ]

Viscera Sage (art)
Scroll art
Viscera Sage (unit)
Summoned unit

Flavor text[ | ]

Reading entrails takes a strong stomach.

History[ | ]

Version Date Description Before After
0.105 beta August 26, 2013 Viscera Sage was added to the game. -
0.117 beta February 25, 2014 Mystic was added to its subtypes. Human Human, Mystic
Its abilities were rephrased. When Viscera Sage kills another unit, draw 1 scroll. When Viscera Sage destroys another unit, draw 1 scroll.